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Buy Cow /Ox Gallstone available On Stock Now
-Full substance,
-100% machine flayed
-No ticks, no scratches, no humps
-Size: 32 to 40 sq. ft.
-Average size: 36 sq. ft.
-Weight: 22kgs to 32kg
-Average weight: 25kgs
-Selection: 80% A/B, 20% C/D
-Male 75% / Female 25%
-1 x 40 container = 1700-2000 hides
-Availability: 10 x 40 ft container
- Impurity: No sand, No dust, No mud, No foreign object, no fats and no meat
- Not available: No hair slip problem, No rotten Hides, No fats and meat on the Hides, No
- No Holes, No Cuts, No Reheated,
-Sand: non and clean from any other dust or mud.
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Contact:email:[email protected] / /whatsapp:+35795147304
Whatsapp: whatsapp:+447719891596 for more information.


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